Weekly July 31

    Production Moving Eastward

    Rising importance of the Chinese market will help shift linseed production in the former Soviet Union republics further east in 2020/21.

    This is expected to limit linseed supplies available for European crushers, possibly raising import demand for Canadian flaxseed from the EU. Canada is likely to continue to lose market share in China to suppliers from Russia and Kazakhstan. While this year's linseed harvesting in the former Soviet Union republics has not yet begun, local market participants are already claiming that there will be only limited price pressure...


    FLASH July 29

    Rapeseed Exports Set to Decline Sizeably in 2020/21

    A further expansion of sunflowerseed production is likely to keep Ukrainian oilseed crushings as well as export supplies of vegetable oils and oilmeals on an uptrend in the upcoming 2020/21 season. At the same time, the sizable reduction of the rapeseed crop and the setback in soybeans are expected to bring oilseed exports to a multi-year low....


    WEEKLY July 24

    Soya Oil Shortage in Brazil

    The Brazilian soya oil market has been on fire recently with prices rising on a daily basis. Asking prices rallied to more than 4200 real this week (cif São Paulo, excluding the 12% ICMS tax), equalling US-$/T 790-800...

    Brazilian soya oil prices are pushed higher by tightening domestic soybean supplies, following huge exports in recent months. While Brazilian processors will be faced with a shortage of soybeans in coming months, demand for soya oil has grown significantly after the implementation of the mandatory 12% biodiesel admixture in March 2020. The pronounced year-on-year increase in Brazilian biodiesel production that started in May is seen continuing in...


    WEEKLY July 24

    Canola Prices Up on Veg. Oils

    Rallying prices of South American soya oil and palm oil in Southeast Asia, are seen as the key reason for the uptrend in Canadian canola futures in Winnipeg in the week to July 20....

    But it remains to be seen whether the recent uptrend in prices can be sustained, given the current favourable new-crop prospects and the uncertain demand outlook for 2020/21. Ongoing trade tensions with China and the prospective significant slowdown of French imports of Canadian canola  from the record 1.0 Mn T in 2019/20....



    MONTHLY July 17

    World Oilseed Supplies Seen Increasing in 2020/21

    On the assumption of about normal weather conditions from now on, we have raised our estimate on world production of 7 oilseeds to 582.6 Mn T, 29.3 Mn T above the reduced level of the 2019/20 season....

    A production surplus is likely to occur in the 2020/21 season, resulting in a recovery of world oilseed stocks by approximately 5-6 Mn T at the end of the season, according to our revised forecast....


    MONTHLY July 17

    Prices Supported by Shrinking Supplies

    World production of coconut oil is expected to decline by 9% in Oct/Sept 2019/20, mainly reflecting diminishing yields in the Philippines where previous dryness is taking its toll on the productivity of coconut trees.....Prices of coconut oil fluctuated heavily in the past two weeks but continue to be well supported by shrinking supplies....

  • EU-28

    WEEKLY July 10

    Rapeseed Yields Below Expectations

    Early harvest results indicate lower than previously expected rapeseed yields in key producing countries this year, primarily in France and the UK....German rapeseed yields are seen increasing by as much 5% to around 3.5 T/ha this year, owing to better moisture supplies primarily in northern and eastern growing regions...

    EU average yields are now expected to only stagnate at 3.08 T/ha this year, limiting production to only...

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