June 2022

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    The OIL WORLD ANNUAL is a unique encyclopedia of world forecasts and statistics for all major oilseeds, oils and fats as well as oilmeals. On more than 700 pages this comprehensive yearbook contains profound textual analyses, statistics and graphs for the latest five calendar years as well as for five Oct/Sept seasons. The ANNUAL also provides our first global supply and demand projections for oilseeds, oils/fats and oilmeals for the season 2022/23.

    In a special price section the reader is informed about monthly and annual world market prices and price relationships of the individual oilseeds, oils and oilmeals. The major price-making factors are analysed and on this basis an assessment is given for the price prospects of the key commodities on the world market.



    FLASH May 10

    Palm Oil Exports Down Sharply in Jan/Mar

    Indonesian palm oil exports were small at only 5.2 Mn T in Jan/March 2022, the lowest level in 10 years....

    However, we assume that domestic production of palm oil has recovered and increased from a year earlier, partly based on the sharp increase in Indonesian exports of palmkernel meal by 10% ...


    WEEKLY May 6

    Large Peruvian Quota Raising World Export Supplies of Meal

    The Peruvian government surprised most market participants with a 2.79 Mn T catch quota for the north/centre region for this year’s first fishing season (Apr/July).....

    However, the critically high share of juvenile fish may curb actual fishing below potential. Uncertain Chinese demand prospects another swing factor to watch in coming months...

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    MONTHLY April

    Indonesian Export Ban Aggravates Shortage on the World Market

    This week the vegetable oil market has been shocked by the implementation of a temporary export ban on palm oil and derivatives by the Indonesian government with effect from April 28.....

    The Indonesian trade protectionism means a further escalation after Russia's invasion of Ukraine has severely curbed the availability mainly of sunflower oil on the world market in recent weeks. In recent years, Indonesia and Ukraine were the largest and third-largest vegetable oil exporter, together accounting for almost 40% of global exports. The partial and at least temporary loss of their exports is a disaster mainly for consumers in least developed and developing countries, who suffer most from the alarming price increases registered of late....

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    MONTHLY April 29

    Oilseed Crushings Lower Than Expected in 2021/22

    The global oilseed supply and demand balance is less tight than previously expected in the current season. It is still a deficit year owing to the drought-caused losses of almost 30 Mn T of soybeans in South America and of 7 Mn T of canola in Canada....

    However, consumption worldwide has not lived up to expectations. Oilseed crushings even declined from a year earlier in Jan/March 2022 ....Oilseed crushings are seen rising seasonally in April/June 2022 but we forecast them to again stay below the year-ago level...



    WEEKLY Apr 22

    Imports of Oils & Fats Down Sharply

    Consumption of oils & fats lower than expected. Imports falling to a 7-year low in Oct/March 2021/22, with biggest declines in palm oil, rapeseed oil, sun oil and soya oil…

    Imports of 10 oilseeds declined by 1.5 Mn T or 18% from a year earlier in March, mainly on account of soybeans ....



    WEEKLY Apr 13

    Consumption of Veg. Oils Suffering from High Prices

    Indian vegetable oil imports may decline to only around 6.2 Mn T in April/Sept 2022, roughly 1.1 Mn T less than a year ago...

    Vegetable oil consumption in India has recently suffered from historically high prices, reducing per capita consumption this season... Increasing domestic production is additionally curbing import demand....

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    • 1625 Je
    • May 12
    • Palm olein RBD, fob Mal
    • 1839 Je
    • May 12
    • Soya oil, fob Arg
    • 447 Je
    • May 12
    • Soya Meal, fob Arg
    • 2100 Je
    • May 12
    • Rape oil, Dutch, fob ex-mill